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Mattress Cleaning in Annandale

Did you know that one-third of the life of an average person is spent on their mattress? Mindblowing right? The mattress is as important as your sofa despite being one of the most overlooked home accessories! Quality mattresses are significant investments and like any home accessories, therefore, need professional treatment for extended life. RRegular professional mattress cleaning, like the Sunbird Carpet Cleaning of Annandale is providing, is essential to help it retain its quality and stay fresh and new as long as possible.

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Why Is Regular Mattress Cleaning Important?

Mattresses are perfect breeding grounds for dust mites that feed on the dead skin shells that sift through your beddings during your sleep. Sweat and humid conditions can lead to the growth of mold, mildew, and allergens that can be hazardous if not dealt with fast enough.

A dirty mattress worsens the conditions of people with respiratory issues such as asthma and allergies, therefore regular cleaning of your mattress is the secret to a safe and sound sleep, which in turn boosts your health condition.

Professional mattress cleaning extends the mattress' lifespan because it helps it retain its quality and protects it from odors and embarrassing stains.

If you are wondering where to get professional mattress cleaners in Annandale then you can relax; you are looking at the best mattress cleaning service in Annandale specializing in deep mattress cleaning.

Why Choose Sunbird Carpet Cleaning of Annandale?

If your nights are characterized by nasal congestion and allergies then we are here to make your time spent trying to sleep worthwhile. Sunbird Carpet Cleaning of Annandale is a certified mattress cleaning business in Annandale offering the best mattress cleaning services at affordable rates. All you need to do is call anytime any day, get a free estimate and have professional mattress cleaners on your doorstep in no time. We have specialized in mattress treatment that will leave your mattress clean, fresh, and looking as good as new for a good night's sleep, regardless of the mattress type and size.

Mattress Cleaning Methods

  • Steam Cleaning - This method ensures your mattress is left clean and free from bacteria, dust mites, and bugs using specialized equipment that heats water, uses it to clean and agitate the dirt out of the mattress, and extracts the water and the dirt with high vacuum power.
  • Deep Cleaning - This is an extensive cleaning method that seeks to remove all stains and dirt intertwined deep with your mattress using special equipment and solutions.

Mattress cleaning process

Before we start cleaning your mattress, we ensure we check the type of mattress and the manufacture's recommendation on cleaning processes since different mattresses require different cleaning methods.

Below is an overview of our mattress cleaning process:

  • Vacuuming- We start by vacuuming your mattress using special HEPA vacuuming systems that ensure pet dander, hair, dust mites, dead skin, and mold is removed from the surface of the mattress and captured so it does not become airborne.
  • Eco-friendly Spray Treatment- During this step, we use green cleaning solutions to address any areas of concern.
  • Mattress steam cleaning- We thoroughly clean your mattress using high-pressure hot water extraction equipment to flush out dirt, bacteria, and dust mites that may have survived vacuuming.
  • Spot stain removal- In this step, we examine the mattress for any deep stains and use gentle agitation methods to extract dirt without damaging the mattress fiber.
  • Deodorizing and sanitization- At this stage, your mattress is already clean, we proceed to ensure its safe for use and odorless by using eco-friendly deodorizing and sanitization agents.
  • Dehumidifying- This is the most effective style of drying a wet mattress as it speeds up the mattress drying process and prevents any mold growth and bacteria resulting from dampness using special fast-acting power dry equipment.

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