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Mold Testing in Annandale

Although mold is everywhere, you never want to see it in your home. It is a fungus that grows from tiny spores floating in the air. Mold can grow anywhere that the spores land and find suitable growth conditions such as adequate moisture and temperature. This means that any damp places in your home are likely to have mold.

Mold inspection and mold testing determine the presence of mold in your home. So, when looking for an individual to evaluate your business or home for potential indoor mold growth, it's essential to use an experienced technician. The key difference between mold inspection and testing is that inspection primarily entails noninvasive visual examinations of your home's interior, exterior, and all its components and systems. On the other hand, testing involves surface and air sampling that requires analysis by certified laboratories.

You may suspect mold in your house when you observe discoloration on the wall that's spreading, coupled with a strong, long-lasting musty smell. In many cases, mold is characterized by stringy, cotton-like features that may be green, black, white, or gray. Some types of mold, such as black mold, are dangerous, so be sure to watch out for any growth signs of this fungus.

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Warning Signs of Mold in Your Home

Mold growth starts as little spots but expands rapidly. You can notice it early unless it's developing in hidden areas. Mold is harmful in your home. However, it's easy to spot when you know what to look for.

The typical warning signs of mold include:

  • Mold odors
  • Dark or colored spots on the walls
  • Water leakage that keeps the surrounding area damp
  • Visible mold
  • Tiredness and itchy sensations
  • Peeling wallpaper

Some mold species are known to produce mycotoxins that cause breathing problems, neurological disorders, and headaches. Other symptoms of mold exposure may include sneezing, runny nose, and allergies. After noticing a particular spot and you're not sure if it's an old stain or just a splotch of dirt, call an inspection and testing specialist to rule out the problem.

Consider mold testing when:

  1. There are visible signs of mold growth.
  2. Water problems occur
  3. There are health complications-chronic respiratory illnesses
  4. Musty odors in the house - suspected microbial growth

Mold Testing Techniques

As a homeowner, you may consider getting a self-test kit from the store to do your own assessments, but we don't recommend it. Most do-it-yourself kits are not statistically accurate, and they tend to produce large numbers of false positives. They may indicate that you have a mold problem when typically you don't have the alarming mold levels.

The best idea is to contact a professional mold inspection and testing technician to conduct air sampling and other tests with the right tools to ascertain the presence of mold.

  • Air sampling. This method is conducted using canisters or spore traps in home areas suspected to have elevated mold concentrations. Outdoor samples are used as control or baseline to determine the contamination level. The control is thereafter compared to the indoor sample.
  • Surface sampling. Usually, this is the easiest and most popular for testing indoor mold in your home. Surface sampling involves tape samples, swab samples, and carpet samples. We use a piece of tape to place them on the areas with visible mold. The tape is lifted and put on a clean glass micro slide which is then sealed for examination in the lab. For the swab tests, cotton materials are used to wipe the specific surface to be tested, and after touching the surface, they are sent to the lab for analysis.

It's confusing to know where to start and what to do unless you've dealt with mold issues in the past. And, you might even wonder why you need inspection and mold testing when the mold is visible. Involving us in the process comes with tremendous benefits.

The collection of samples lets you know what exactly is going on and enlightens you on precisely what needs work. Additionally, when we determine the extent of the problem, it becomes easier to determine the work area's size. If we can contain the work area, you rest assured that you will save on the restoration costs.

If you get a respectable mold remediation company claiming your home requires professional intervention, they should support the idea of involving a third party such as Sunbird Carpet Cleaning of Annandale first to do mold inspection and testing.

Why Sunbird Carpet Cleaning of Annandale is the Best

Generally, when searching for someone to deal with mold problems inside your home, you tend to look for a company you can trust as a customer. We understand that, and that's why we operate under a strict code of ethics at all times.

At Sunbird Carpet Cleaning of Annandale, we offer unbiased mold testing services without a conflict of interest. We not only help you find out if you have mold, but also where the source is. Mold testing services by our professionals are valuable because the surface and air samples provide hard evidence about all that's going on in your house.

Our technicians first evaluate your indoor air quality because when there is an indoor growth problem, the molds release many spores into the air and result in health problems. It's difficult to determine how far the problem has spread without conducting air sampling.

Taking us in first before professional mold remediation is crucial in keeping you informed through systematic steps that need to be taken through our professional report. This ensures that your indoor environment is correctly fixed while keeping all the costs down.

Additionally, if there's no visible mold, but you're still experiencing other symptoms of molds, you might be right! Our professionals have seen almost every mold situation that you can imagine, meaning anything you're suspecting in your home to be mold; we find it and provide all the essential information necessary to get rid of the mold problem.

Being aware of mold is the key to preventing this problem. Do not forget to be vigilant with your surroundings and check regularly for any signs of mold growth in your house. Early detection and prevention are some of the best solutions for dealing with all the hazards caused by this fungus. Call us today at 703-635-7912 for mold inspection and testing!

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